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Auto Glass Academy has created a new dimension to our training, ADAS Academy!


The auto glass industry has now evolved to the point that technicians will need to maintain crucial knowledge of the ADAS (Advanced driver assistance systems) recalibration process. Cameras and sensors will be increasingly integrated into not only the windshield space, but will likely become a necessary consideration in the overall removal and replacement process of all auto glass. You need the experience of working with ADAS but also strive to keep up-to-date with the most effective way to apply its requirements to your daily work.If an auto glass technician does not have the necessary training, and access to the proper equipment to reset the automobiles system, they are putting the customers life at risk.


ADAS systems automate, adapt and enhance an automobiles operation for safety and better driving. Safety features are designed to avoid collisions and accidents by offering technologies that alert the driver to potential problems, or to avoid collisions by implementing safeguards and taking over control of the vehicle. Some systems already being integrated are automated lighting, adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, GPS for traffic warnings, connection to smartphones and alerting the driver to other automobiles, lane departure or blind spots. 

There are already automobiles driving the roads today that have specific needs never before encountered by auto glass technicians. To recalibrate, these automobiles have to be on a level surface with specific, empty leveled space directly in front of the vehicle. Complicating the recalibration process, natural or artificial light sources can be an issue and even all tires must have the correct pressure during the process.

ADAS Academy is committed to bring the full experience of working with ADAS recalibration systems already in use by major auto glass chains worldwide to give technicians insight into how their business will be affected by this rapidly emerging technology.

For more information on how you can be trained and certified at ADAS Academy, please email us.

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