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Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step to acquire the best in auto glass removal, replacement, repair and calibration training available.

Since 1992, Equalizer® has been offering professional instruction of the removal, replacement & repair of auto glass to technicians, owners & entrepreneurs that want a strong foundation to perform quality work.

Our training program is built on over 35 years of global research, product development and industry-wide training in an expansive range of environments.

Sign up incentives include an Auto Glass Academy certificate of completion, availability of an AGSC Exam for AGRSS certification from the Auto Glass Safety Council, Urethane* Product Certifications and TOOLBUCK$ reward points towards the purchase of Equalizer® products.

ADAS CORE is a 3 day program for helping you to choose the best calibration system* for your business with no pressure to purchase a specific brand. Learn how to perform dynamic and static calibrations on a variety of new vehicles utilizing top performing calibration systems within the Automotive Aftermarket Industry.

After your purchase, ADAS PRO is a 3 day program dedicated to learning all of the features of your new calibration system to help you get started on your journey with ADAS.

Upon completion of ADAS PRO, you are eligible to sign up for ADAS PRO+, a pre-scheduled, continuing education program; custom designed for you to stay up-to-date with your system.

The Auto Glass Academy - Core Essentials program is a 5 day, all-inclusive course; giving all trainees 4 FULL DAYS of hands-on training using our fleet of vehicles to train on the removal and replacement of windshields, rear, quarter, and door glass. We also train you on rock-chip repair, perform urethane* clinics, perform basic classic/vintage vehicle sets and live calibration* sessions. We provide all the tools needed for your training.



* Available ADAS brands are Launch, Autel, Opti-Aim & TopDon systems. Subject to change.


From beginners to veterans of the auto glass industry. We offer an unparalleled training program that covers safety standards and proper procedures to remove, replace, repair and recalibrate all types of auto glass.


* ADAS, glass repair & urethane brands are subject to change.


“Without quality and up-to-date training, technicians simply cannot be their very best. Not knowing the proper tools, methods, rules and limitations can drastically affect somebody's life. Learning to be your best is the key to complete success in the auto glass industry and by receiving AGSC training accreditation, is a recognition that Equalizer is committed to enabling technicians with everything possible to do their job most effectively.”

Gilbert Gutierrez

Senior Instructor

Auto Glass Academy

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