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About Ray...

Ray Asbery's tireless effort to enrich the lives of all Auto Glass Technicians by offering them the best possible products available is at the heart of Equalizer®. His accomplishments are a testament to the true American success story.

Ray's lifelong dream was to invent and foster the creation of innovative products and to create a company around that concept. It was that drive and determination that made Equalizer® one of the most recognizable names in auto glass removal and replacement technology.

Ray finally was rewarded for his years of perseverance, hard work and sacrifice. His dream of founding a well-known and respected company came true and Equalizer® is committed to keep Ray's dream alive.

To be considered for an all-expenses paid* entry to the Academy, an applicant must submit an email, or video file or video link explaining why they should be considered for this opportunity. Select the "Upload File(s)" button and submit your entry.

For more information on this scholarship or if you are a company or individual that interested in sponsoring a scholarship for the Academy, please email us here.

* Terms & conditions apply for scholarship approval. Acceptance and approval of scholarship will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Ray Asbery
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