The environment you learn in should replicate the real world you work in...

The auto glass replacement market in the USA is mostly mobile. Starting an auto glass business is relatively simple if you have a van or truck to carry the necessary products and tools to support that business. However, a mobile business is not really the optimum environment to perform auto glass work. In-shop businesses actually benefit from safer practices because your environment is better controlled given the requirements necessary to perform the job. Throughout Europe and many other parts of the world, auto glass work is performed indoors and in many cases is part of a body shop or auto mechanics line of work. But even this is changing...

The Auto Glass Academy teaches our processes in both environments so you can work in whichever works best for you.

Information is necessary, but hands-on is critical to learning the trade...

Staying up-to-date in the fast-paced automotive repair industry is critical. Automobile design changes rapidly occur and without warning making the entire process of removing or installing auto glass nearly impossible to accomplish correctly without the proper education. A hands-on approach is critical to understanding the importance of how the body and glass of automobiles work together and how the safety of the passengers of the vehicle defines the reason for accurate and precise workmanship.

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