Will students be considered a certified auto glass technician upon graduation from the Auto Glass Academy?

AGSC-AGRSS Certified Tech

No, however you will be fully eligible to then take the a certification test that is offered by the Auto Glass Safety Council. Once you have graduated from Auto Glass Academy, you will then be eligible to purchase a seat (an additional $35 fee) for your certification test.

Will a student be able to set a windshield on their own, once they have graduated from Auto Glass Academy?

Graduates of the Auto Glass Academy will have gained valuable hands-on experience, as well as specific knowledge, necessary to install a windshield per the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards ( FMVSS) . However, your technician may require assistance setting the windshield until they have gained further hands on experience.

Will students have the opportunity to work with other types of automobile glass?

Yes, students will have the opportunity to remove and replace quarter glass, back glass, doors and roof panels. Specific models are not guaranteed as this experience will depend on available automobiles during scheduled classes.

Will Technicians have the opportunity to repair "rock chips" in a windshield?

Yes, Auto Glass Academy has a module specifically designated to windshield repair. These include common variations including bullseye, combination, star and other types of cracks.

Will students receive a certification on urethane products?

Yes, students will receive a certification from the company representing the pre-determined* urethane product of the class week.

Auto Glass Academy currently partners with the following company's products:

*Urethane products are subject to change without prior notification.