Most automobile owners are unaware of the importance of proper auto glass removal and replacement. If you have an automobile accident, the structural integrity of your vehicle remaining intact and keeping the occupants as safe as possible depends greatly on the proper installation of auto glass, especially the windshield.

Thank you for considering to allow us to perform auto glass work on your vehicle. Your generosity is very much appreciated not only by Auto Glass Academy but also by our students who are very eager to be trained properly on each technical aspect of the auto glass process. Your volunteered vehicle helps makes an important impact on ensuring the future of the auto glass industry is as thoroughly trained as possible.

We fully understand and appreciate that your vehicle is a necessary part of your daily life and we will do our very best to have your vehicle back to you within our mutually agreed time frame. There are however, certain circumstances that can occur that we may ask for your patience for the benefit of your safety.

We strive to ensure that every detail is uncovered and dealt with properly but sometimes unforeseen vehicle attributes, forgotten or unknown modifications or just simple misinformation about your vehicle can result in Auto Glass Academy having to keep your vehicle a bit longer than pre-arranged.


Please remember that while your vehicle is being serviced by Auto Glass Academy, it is important to understand that even when all necessary information about your vehicle has been given beforehand, sometimes there are details about some vehicles that are unknown even to the owner and that can lead to a misdirection about everything necessary to accurately perform the work without issue.

Your automobile is in very capable hands and will be cared for in the highest regard while  being serviced by the Auto Glass Academy.

This is to ensure that you receive your vehicle back at the maximum possible structural quality and that electronic components are properly configured as when it was a new vehicle. We are completely transparent throughout the process and will take every step necessary to convey the details of why there is a possible delay and the explanations of their importance to your ultimate safety and satisfaction of our work to your vehicle.

Please read the following information carefully before submitting your vehicle information.