Volunteer Vehicle Release Agreement

This document hereby authorizes Equalizer Industries, Inc. and its Equalizer Auto Glass Academy, the use of your vehicle for auto glass replacement, which will help our newly trained technicians to master their craftsmanship and provide safe auto glass installations. You acknowledge that your participation is voluntary and that you will not receive financial compensation of any type associated with the training of this accredited course. In exchange for the use of your vehicle during our training, you will receive a new and properly installed auto glass which is valued anywhere between $150-$1500 (depending on make, model, and options) at no cost to you for materials or labor.

The replacement of your auto glass is an educational exercise that is part of this supervised course. The curriculum, procedures, and materials we use and our instructions are of the highest quality, thanks to our accredited course, research, and valued vendors. A thorough inspection is performed (with written and photographic documentation) before we proceed with our class projects. Equalizer Auto Glass Academy will not be held responsible for repairs of any pre-existing damage or correcting underlying conditions that become apparent when we replace your glass.

You acknowledge that your vehicle may have an advanced driver-assistance system (“ADAS”) and that such system may require recalibration after the replacement of your vehicle’s windshield.  If Equalizer is unable to perform the necessary recalibration of your ADAS, you must take your vehicle to the dealership or other qualified servicer to have the system recalibrated. You further acknowledge that failure to have the vehicle’s ADAS recalibrated could result in the system being inoperable or malfunctioning.  If the ADAS is not functioning properly, it could impact the safety the vehicle, its occupants, or third parties.


By agreeing to this agreement you release the Auto Glass Academy for responsibility of any incidents we deem to be minor. Should a minor incident occur we will present the area in question after the installation. If we deemed an incident to be substantial, we will work with you to correct any problems. We reserve the right to select a repair facility if one is needed.


I hereby release Equalizer Industries, Inc. and its Equalizer Auto Glass Academy, its vendors, employees, and any third parties involved in the training from liability for any claims by me or any third-party in connection with my participation.